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[Lưu trữ] Các fic ngắn tiếng Anh của tác giả Forte

Ookami Ichia
Ookami Ichia
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Bài gửi by Ookami Ichia on 19/2/2019, 7:41 pm

March 14, 2010

The worlds are One - Andante:

This city is beautiful, no? It's active, yet not crowded like Tokyo. It's modern, yet the tradition is still in-sight. Below the skyscrapers, trees and flowers are plant in an artistic way, so lovely that gives the pedestrians a calm feeling, helping them out of daily work-stress. Or at least, that's what Reimu thinks.

The Hakurei miko is wearing casual clothes, a red dress. She isn't having her ribbons, instead a simple ponytail to prevent the heat of the summer. Walking alongside her is a girl with curious eyes, looking at everything around. The girl in a white T-shirt and jeans, maybe already known, Kirisame Marisa.

"Hey Reimu, let's go eat something!" She excitedly pulls Reimu's arm, pointing at a Taiyaki stand.

"No, Marisa, let's finish our job first. After we see everywhere in the city, I'll let you eat."

"Heh~ You're acting cool aren't you. I know you want some tai~ya~ki~." Marisa teases her friend, purposely put some strength in the last three words.

"... Okay, I give up, do what you like." Reimu sighs, then gets herself dragged by Marisa to the stand.

The duo is strolling around, studying the terrain of the city. They have a map from Kochiya Sanae, and insisted to do this alone. Nevertheless, they're both young girls who never have been in a city. It's easy to understand how Reimu and Marisa unconsciously start to enjoy themselves, discovering a new world.


"Ha ha, did you see it? Outside world is amazing, eh?"

"Indeed. I will ask the kappa if they can make a TV."

The girls happily chat while enjoying their ice cream. They stop at a park and relax. The sun is beginning to set, melts the sky to a deep red color. If you look at the sky, everywhere is the same. However, it also casts into you a feeling of nostalgia, the memory from childhood time, where you were looking at the sky of red. It is sad, or more exact, heartrending. Maybe, just maybe, without an artificial fountain and stoned-road, it will be Gensokyo, where Reimu and Marisa just lay down on the grass and give away their worries.

The harmony of the gentle wind melts in my heart,
As if it's spinning my memories together...

From thin air, a quiet, yet cute voice flows to their ears. Someone is singing as they walk. The voice is so sweet it grabs both Marisa and Reimu's attention, yet still also manages to let their mind fly with nature.

When I close my eyes, I see a sunny scenery.
Because I've met you.

Overflowing gently, my droplets of love,
They turn into warmth in my heart.

There is a girl. She is tall, and outstanding with her long, pink hair. She walks around the fountain, joyfully singing as if none is around. Or should I say, even if there is, she would just sing for them.

I want to let you hear my wish dyed with happiness.
I want to stay by your smile forever.
The flowers of light blooming in the sky chase away the darkness,
And let me sing with joy.

Do I know the real me?
With the pain of doubt and uncertainty,
The two of us spread our wings towards the unknown future.
Will we cuddle together in the wintry wind?

Reimu and Marisa just sit there, listen to the girl's voice as if it's the most beautiful thing in the world. Love, love fills the air, love fills the earth. The girl's song gives out the love that cannot be comprehended by the duo from Gensokyo. They know friendship, communication, fighting and parties, but they didn't know of love. But, they can feel it, it's from this girl's voice, an one-sided, unconditional love is pouring from her soul, making the powerful duo feel so weak. They want to raise voice, but can't, they just sit there looking at the singer who seems to be at their age, yet so beautiful, and lovely.

"Oh, sorry, did I disturb you?"

The girl asks. Reimu and Marisa startles, as they just get back to earth. For some reason, they blush. Maybe because they made such a face that stopped her from singing? It's so regrettable.

"No, no! Actually I was enjoying it! Your voice is so beautiful."

"Oh? Really? You flattered me." The girl smiles, it looks like she already gets used to being praised. No one can't see why, though.

"No, it really is..." Reimu stands up, scratching the back of her head like a kid that found a toy, then lost it.

"It's really rare for students to be here at this time, though. Do you love the park?"

"Yes, kinda... you know, it's calm here, and everything."

"My, it indeed is." The girl happily claps her hands. "My name is Shirakawa Nanaka, can I know yours?"

"Sure, mine is Hakurei Reimu and this girl is Kirisame Marisa."

"Marisa, ze!" Marisa quickly stands up and waves at Nanaka. "That song was very nice, ze!"

"Thank you, it's a song of my grandma. She was a great singer, I heard she sang it once when she was 17. It's very romantic, right? I wish I can have that kind of love, too."

"When I heard you sing, I thought you already are in a relationship?" Reimu tilts her head, curiously.

Nanaka's face then begins to turn to the color of the setting sun. She instantly tries to change the topic but Marisa busts it and the duo capture the poor girl.

"Geez, okay, I admit. I'm in love with a boy. But you see... he is dating with my best friend now, I was too slow, and too shy..."

"OBJECTION! ZE!" Marisa shouts. "If you love him, you have to tell him! It's better than keep it a secret. Additionally, you will tell your friend, too."

"Eh? No I can't, she is my friend, yet I'm loving her boyfriend..."

"No but, ze!" Marisa is all heat up, she stands in front of Nanaka and starts making composure to support her speech. "She will understand when you tell her, because you are best friends, ze. It's very bad for you to keep it a secret, because if anything happens... NICE BOAT, ze!"

"Eh... what does nice boat have anything to do with this..."

"No question, ze!" Marisa points at Nanaka, startles the already-confused girl. Reimu then push the witch away, holds Nanaka's hand and encourages her with (imaginary) experience. Yes, it just is a random conversation of a group of girls, but they met, they be friends and that alone is worth a thousand jewels. The chat goes on as they walking side by side, singing short, funny songs and eat some awesome-looking bread from a store named "Furukawa". Nanaka tells Reimu alot about this city, like how big it is and many places to visit. They then part when the stars start twinkling. Marisa wants to go to the pub but Reimu drags her back to Moriya shrine.

After all, tonight they'll have a dinner with their friends.

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